Independent Legal Advice, or “ILA” is the opinion of your own lawyer about an agreement or contract you are thinking about signing. 

When do I need Independent Legal Advice

Independent Legal Advice is very important when you are thinking about signing legal documents like: 

  • Separation Agreements;
  • Marriage Contracts (Prenuptial Agreements); 
  • Cohabitation Agreements; or 
  • Other Domestic Contracts.

Why do I need Independent Legal Advice?

Your own lawyer must look out for your best interests only. When you negotiate a separation, divorce, marriage contract, or cohabitation agreement, one spouse’s best interests often conflict with the other spouse’s. A lawyer cannot look out for both people’s interests at the same time. So each spouse must get advice from their own lawyer. 

These agreements can be complex and difficult to understand. Getting Independent Legal Advice makes sure that you understand what you signing and know what you are agreeing to and how it will affect your financial future.

Lawyers do this by explaining the law and how it applies to your situation.

Lawyers will make sure that you have all the information you need, like your partner’s financial disclosure. They will also check that you are not being forced to agree to anything. 

By getting Independent Legal Advice, you can help make sure that your agreement is legally binding in case there is a disagreement in the future. Otherwise, a Court could set aside the agreement you worked so hard to come up with.  

How can Osbourne Collaborative Law Help?

Our job to make sure you are fully informed and to support you. 

We will review your draft agreement and supporting documents. We will then meet with you online or by telephone to review the agreement together. You can even schedule your ILA session online. 

If you need help changing the agreement or dealing with another lawyer, we can help with that too. 

How much is Independent Legal Advice?

Unfortunately, it depends on the lawyer. 

We can typically provide Independent Legal Advice on domestic contracts for a flat fee. 

To discuss your situation and to obtain a quote, please contact us or Click Here to Schedule your Online ILA Session.