How do we get started?

First, book a discovery call to discuss your situation and learn whether we may be a good fit to work together.
We will discuss mediation, collaborative practice, and negotiation to determine what works best for you.
If we decide we will work well together, we will design a process and budget to suits your needs.

Separation and Divorce:
Bespoke + Collaborative Out-of-Court Solutions

What issues do I deal with?


Division of Property

  • How the property you and your spouse acquired during the marriage or relationship is split up

Spousal Support

  • Also known as alimony or maintenance – how much will one spouse pay

Parenting Plans

  • How you will spend time with your children and make decisions about them

Child Support

  • How much will you and your spouse pay towards your children’s financial needs

What out of court family solutions do I offer?



  • I help both you and your spouse gather the information, discuss the issues, and negotiate a resolution

Collaborative Divorce AKA Collaborative Practice

  • 100 lawyers will give you 100 explanations for what this is. To me, it’s a process whereby we commit – via signed agreement – to negotiating your matter without going to court.
  • Sometimes we will get help from other professionals with the finances and/or the relationship dynamics between spouses and/or the children.
  • The process is usually faster, cheaper, and healthier (for you and your kids)
  • Usually the process looks like this
  • Click to download sample participation agreement


  • We advocate for you

Unbundled Services and Family Law Coaching

Details here


“We were able to resolve the case and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

I recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for a lawyer that is prompt, caring, understanding and gets the job done! The effort that was put in was amazing – I simply cannot put into words how thankful I am to have had Osbourne Valentine Family Law take my case.